We, Katja and Tim, founded Cloth and Creatures in mid 2020. We both love being outdoors, camping, hiking, skiing, seeing wildlife and we hope to be enjoying nature for a long time coming.

We both live in Switzerland and we wanted to combine our passion for animals and nature with our professional skills. Starting a business is a fun way of learning something new and contributing to making the world a little better.For Cloth and Creatures, Katja is creating the website and all designs – the ones that probably brought you here. Tim is more on the business side of things, looking at numbers and brainstorming concepts and ideas with Katja, on what new animals we could put on shirts.

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Since we enjoy being outdoors a lot, value sustainability and want this planet to stay enjoyable for many more generations, we are donating 10% of our profits towards Endangered Species International, who work towards the same goal.

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge, that there are many charities and causes worth supporting. For us, we always improve in living in a sustainable way and want to help and contribute towards supporting wildlife and their habitats. This way, we hope that everyone, now and in the future, will be able to enjoy nature and create the memory of seeing their first wild bear.

This also counts for our business and we are always looking for quality and environmentally friendly solutions among our products and partners.


What does it mean to donate 10% of profits?

It’s good to be critical, so here is what we do every month: Once we paid our bills – covering the products we sold, our shop infrastructure, marketing, and so on – we take 10% of what is left and donate it directly to Endangered Species international.

We support them, because our goals of preserving animals and their habitats, align and 98% of their money goes directly to conservation projects on the ground. Feel free to read more about them, following the links below, or even to support them directly.